Spokane Valley Transition School

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Students Utilize the Golden Ratio (2016-17)

Course Description:

Students in Transition are beginning a course of study in making stained glass. The course is designed to extend their knowledge of specific artistic skills and expressions while learning to use multiple media for drawing including pencil, paper, paints, compasses, rulers, and glass.  Emphasis is on creating and evaluating elements of mathematical concepts in visual art.

Learning Goals:

Understand and apply art and mathematical concepts and vocabulary. Develop arts skills and techniques. Use the arts to express feelings and present ideas.  Use the arts to communicate for a specific purpose. Develop personal aesthetic criteria to communicate artistic choices.

While taking this course students are introduced to a famous mathematical concept known as Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio and make connections between this abstract concept and how it relates to geometry shapes. Using mathematical tools to construct the golden ratio they will paint their designs on plexiglass to create a stained window effect.        

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