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A Different Approach to Teaching Tech (2016-17)

Course Description

“Could Robots Run the World” is the course title of the recently completed class in Transition Phoenix Academy. The course is designed to give students with no prior experience, an introduction to the basics of computer programming. This course includes developing an understanding of the nature of computers and coding, how computer hardware works, necessary jargon, how software works, how digital images work, computer code and logic. It also includes how structured data works, how the internet works, computer security, digital media, images, sounds, video, and compression.

Learning Goals

Students will gain insight into basic computer programming language, how to input code, and how different programming techniques allow for creativity in developing programs.

During this class the students are introduced to autonomous control of Sphero using coding. Class discussions will revolve around ethics and benefits of drone usage. Their challenges is to analyze the positive and negative impacts of computing on human nature while exploring anticipated future careers and technologies that might exist.

Meet Sphero

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