Spokane Valley Transition School

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Community Engagement in the Spring Semester (2016-17)

Where Did the Year Go?


It is safe to say that the teachers in the Transition Program have never been more proud of the accomplishments of our students. Students involved in each of the three tracks within the Transition Program have exceeded expectations, shown great achievement on state testing, and have become engaged in the West Valley School District community like never before. The cherry on the top is the fact that our average credit earning across the tracks in our program have improved tremendously.


In the Phoenix Academy, students took on two big projects over the Spring Semester. The first project centered on teaching computer programming concepts through the use of Spheros. Students worked with first graders at Seth Woodard Elementary. Academy students wrote and illustrated a “kids’ book” for each individual first grader they worked with! It was a fabulous experience for everyone involved.


The second project that Academy student took on was reclaiming pallet wood which was used in designing and building planter boxes. These planter boxes were sold at the annual plant sale and raised money for the Transition Student Body fund. The attention to detail and the ownership of the work that our students showed in these projects has invigorated the staff at SVH Transition.   We are excited to see what next school year will bring!

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