Spokane Valley Transition School

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Transition Changes (2015-16)

Could We go Extinct?
1.Learning Target/Lesson Objective:
        a.  Conduct a lab
        b.  Understand water purification process using heat and evaporation
        c.  Understand the use of pH, conductivity, and absorbance (colorimeter) measurement tools.
        d.  Collect data and draw conclusions.
This year, Transition has implemented a FOCUS GROUP class taught by all contract teachers.  The concept of the class is to team teach students in core subject areas.  The classes are two hours long.  The core classes for 1st Quarter are writing, history, and math.  Currently students are working on quality paragraph writing; including identifying a topic sentence and recognizing reliable resources.  Final project for the class will include a presentation using the genre of their choice: (options can include video, Power Point, display)
FOCUS GROUP continues it's project-based learning approach to include studies on: global warming, purifying liquids of toxins, dominate genetic traits, APE-index (arm span vs height), Cubism, and dystopia. The success of this new approach can be measured by the increase in credit earnings by almost 50%.
The program is continuing to offer single period classes for students who prefer to work independently.
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