Spokane Valley Transition School

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Important Information » Spokane Valley Transition Policy and Guideline

Spokane Valley Transition Policy and Guideline

Attendance Policy:  5 unexcused days in a month or 10 days in a year will result in a Community Truancy Board meeting being scheduled
and a petition with a stay attached will be sent to Spokane Juvenile Court as required by law.  Check with your Transition teacher to make sure you fully understand the process for making up classes so you do not become truant. Contact Cecelia Johnson at 922-5475 if you are going to be absent.
Change of Address - You are responsible for keeping the school informed of changes in your address, phone number, or other information that is pertinent to parent or home contact.  Such information can be vital in an emergency. The information should be given to the school office.
Dress Code:  Appropriate clothe for school and work environment is expected.  Clothing is generally acceptable for school wear as long as it does not jeopardize anyone's safety, does not disrupt the teaching/learning environment, does not create school disorder, and is not immodest in any respect....clothing or accessories that display words or images advertising directly or indirectly alcohol/drugs; tobacco or related products; clothing that is obscene, disrespectful or sexually suggestive, baseball caps, beanies, hats, or head rags of any kind.
Tobacco Policy:  The use of tobacco and/or nicotine products and delivery devices by students is not permitted on school property or at school-sponsored events. Use or possession of paraphernalia which may be used, or is intended to be used, with illegal drugs or controlled substances are also prohibited